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  • THE comprehensive and long-term solution to keep your back pain away forever
  • Specific tutorials on how to avoid back pain in the office and in everyday life
  • Your personal back relief coach who is always there for you
  • 30-day money back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund you within 30 days.

No questions asked.


Stabiloga is a newly developed back relief program, designed to help you regain your vitality and quality of life for good. This is done in a very easy, convenient and time-saving way. The Stabiloga program is an online training course in which you follow short and specific movements shown to you by your back coach every day at your home. These specially created movements, arranged in a precise sequence, stimulate your nervous system, specific muscles and tendons. This is done in a gentle and unique way, resulting in the reversal of your back pain.

The program automatically adapts to your individual situation. You will additionally learn how to prevent or avoid back pain in daily life. The program is designed for long term use. With the Stabiloga program, you get exclusive access to a carefully designed movement program that will not only stop your pain, but keep you in shape for years to come to bring back your vitality and health. Invest 12 minutes a day to regain 100% of your vitality and quality of life.


Whenever you have time during your busy day, just lie down on your bed or on a mat and for 12 minutes follow the movements I show you in a specific video every day on your online device.

(Smartphone / Tablet / Notebook / TV)

On top of the movements, listen to the daily tipps I will give you and over time implement them in your daily life. They will not cost you time, they just change your behaviour in your daily life.


The secret to the method is soft stimulation of specific muscles, tendons and nerves every day in a different specific pattern. Always focused on the stability of your hips, core, back and shoulders.

80 carefully selected and curated movements are built in a specific order and progression in the Stabiloga program. Even if you are completely unfit, the Stabiloga sequence gently prepares your body, removes imbalances and finally develops the needed stability to remove your back pain.


  • People with lower back pain from sitting many hours every day
  • People with back pain which is returning again and again
  • People who are looking for a solution to stop the back pain once and for all
  • People who do no sports
  • People who do sports
  • People who are ready to invest 12 minutes per day for removing the back pain problem
  • People who are open to a new solution
  • People who are fed up of treatments and returning back pain
  • People between 20 and 80 years old

If you belong to the group above then the Stabiloga program is made for you. In this program, you will get specifically chosen and designed movements for your back and shoulders to recover from the stresses of seated work. These movements are much softer and easier than any standard training. You will be surprised. Some of our customers call it "muscle meditation". The daily changing 12 minute movement pattern feels more like relaxation than training. But it works exactly because of that and because of a carefully designed progression of the program.

In addition to the 12 minute movements you will receive numerous back pain tipps. These will give you the necessary knowledge and tools to give your back a better life. It will ensure you stay supple and mobile for many years to come despite long periods of sitting.


  • People who are not willing to spend 12 minutes daily for their wellbeing
  • People who just accept the pain and the destructive effect it has on their life and happiness
  • People who prefer to spend money and time on short term treatments again and again
  • People in physically demanding jobs
  • People who have injuries from intense training or sports
  • People who do not want a better and happier life


Only for limited time, we offer a promotion for 98 USD instead of the regular 197 USD for lifetime access to the full Stabiloga Back Pain Program.

You get a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you do not like the program, within 30 days of your purchase you can get your money back. No questions asked.

So it is absolutely risk free for you.

You are getting your personal back training coach who is always here for you when YOU have time.


In the 25 years of my own back pain history, I went to all kinds of specialists who never were able to show me any long lasting solution. Among them were the following cost you will safe by buying Stabiloga:


I paid between 70 and 150 USD per session. And for each pain incident I needed between 2 and 5 treatments.

Total cost between 140 and 750 USD each back pain episode.


I paid between 35 and 70 USD per session. And for each pain incident I needed between 5 and 10 treatments.

Total cost between 175 and 700 USD each back pain episode.

Yoga Classes

I paid 120 USD per month. I became more flexible in the years I tried Yoga for my back, but my back pain episodes continued and sometimes even intensified. I will explain to you why this can happen in the Stabiloga program where I show you the context which I finally discovered in my lower back disorders education and certification.

Total cost 1440 USD per year.


I paid 80 USD per session. And for that pain incident I tried 6 sessions.

Total cost 480 USD for that back pain episode.

Since I do the Stabiloga Program every day, I save all this money and in addition so much time. No more appointments at inconvenient times at inconvenient locations. I now just spend little time every day in my home. And besides never having back pain anymore, I stay in shape like this.

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